Advanced physical verification solutions
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    Fastest and most accurate flat engine DRC on the EDA market
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    Multi-CPU operations for linear performance gain on a single host, LSF, SGE, NEFELUS cloud
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    PowerDRC/LVS is available on NEFELUS Cloud Platform as pay-per-use service
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    Un-compromising accuracy for all checks—simple and complex!
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    Scalability proven on 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 CPUs
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    High performance, delivering maximum CPU efficiency per rule check
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    Silicon-proven: 250nm, 180nm, 130nm, 90nm, 65nm, 40nm

POLYTEDA was established in 2005 in Toronto, Canada. Since 2009 it is privately held by KM Core and headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine.

POLYTEDA has built an outstanding team of professionals from the EDA industry. Our engineers have superior experience in developing high-end software for the microelectronics industry.
Our management team has a strong background in EDA. We are supported by our R&D facility in Kiev, Ukraine, and with scientific support for product development provided by the National Technical University in Kiev.

We partner with leading design automation companies to enhance customer value through intelligent product integration. Our distributors and customer support representatives are located in North America, Europe and Asia.