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POLYTEDA released MOSIS SCMOS DRC Rule Desk Set 2.0. PDF Print E-mail

Kyiv, Ukraine, November 2016 - POLYTEDA Ukraine LLC released scalable DRC rule deck set ver. 2.0 fully compatible with MOSIS Scalable CMOS (SCMOS) Revision 8.00.


This rule deck set is based on MOSIS scalable CMOS (SCMOS) layout rules. The rule decks are the property of POLYTEDA Ukraine LLC and are protected by international copyright laws. They are intended for physical verification (both DRC and LVS checks) of IC designs using PowerDRC/LVS software for MOSIS customers.

The rule deck set provides compatibility of checks with MOSIS technologies described in

MOSIS SCMOS DRC Rule Desk Set 2.0. has already been successfully evaluated by POLYTEDA UKRAINE customers while design check and gained positive results.

If you need implementation of special checks  like
ANTENNA, DENSITY, etc. please contact us using Online Request Form.

The new version of DRC and LVS rule deck set was validated with PowerDRC/LVS general availability 2.2.1. release and is available from POLYTEDA for MOSIS customers.


POLYTEDA UKRAINE LLC is a Ukrainian supplier of innovative technologies and services in the EDA industry. It develops the fastest and most accurate DRC technology as well as the cloud ready PV flow.