Advanced physical verification solutions
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    Scalability proven on 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 CPUs
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    High performance, delivering maximum CPU efficiency per rule check
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    Multi-CPU operations for linear performance gain on a single host, LSF, SGE, NEFELUS cloud
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    Silicon-proven: 250nm, 180nm, 130nm, 90nm, 65nm, 40nm
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    PowerDRC/LVS is available on NEFELUS Cloud Platform as pay-per-use service
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    Un-compromising accuracy for all checks—simple and complex!
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    Fastest and most accurate flat engine DRC on the EDA market
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POLYTEDA's core product, PowerDRC/LVS, is a tool for the physical verification of microelectronic circuits. It enables rapid verification of new designs to ensure accuracy, prior to mask creation and manufacturing.

PowerDRC/LVS is unique. It can process multiple design rules and design layers simultaneously.

PowerDRC/LVS dramatically reduces design cycle time, design iterations, compute infrastructure requirements and precious engineering time. Customers will benefit from reduced costs and enhanced opportunities to meet aggressive go-to-market windows.

In addition to superiority in processing speed, PowerDRC/LVS can handle huge amounts of data -- up to tens of billions of transistors. It's also compatible with design-rule syntaxes from leading competitors, allowing customers to port existing design infrastructures to PowerDRC/LVS for more efficient processing.

LVS debug can be very frustrating and can throw a design schedule out by weeks. Current debug environments available on the EDA market force the user out of the design cockpit to a secondary GUI, into a painful, laborious process of identifying errors and shorts.

PowerDRC/LVS was designed to eliminate these problems.

It is fast, accurate, and utilizes your current design environment to present errors in a rational way. Our DRC and LVS engines combined, provide a complete suite of error-browsing capabilities which overlays to your physical design environment or layout editor. Errors can be organized and categorized.

Download Short PowerDRC/LVS overview.